Botox Photos

Although many patients choose to get multiple areas treated with Botox, it is still helpful to see photos of individually targeted regions.

Botox is typically used to correct wrinkles that have developed from overly active facial muscles in the upper face that crease or pinch the skin together. These include:

  1. Frown lines between the brows
  2. Forehead wrinkles
  3. Crows feet




Botox Photos- Frown Lines Between the Eyes



Before and after photos of frown lines treated with Botox in Los Angeles patient

Botox Photos- Forehead Wrinkles



Caption: Before and after photos of forehead wrinkles treated with Botox in another Los Angeles patient


Botox Photos-Crows Feet


Photos of patient who received Botox for crows feet which had significantly disappeared by two months.


Botox Photos-Eyebrow Lift

Over time, the muscles in the face start to atrophy. One of the manifestations of this includes droopiness of the eyebrows.

In addition to correcting wrinkles, Botox can also help restore the youthful appearance of the brows by relaxing the muscles responsible for pulling them in a downward direction. This causes the muscles working in the opposite direction to pull them up.

Here is an example.


Photos of Los Angeles patient who received Botox to raise the lateral ends of her eyebrows